Kiyani reflects the identity of being Native American in the modern day. The protectors of Mother Earth.  

Plant Based Ingredients 

Our biodegradable soaps are inspired by grandmothers’ wisdom to live harmoniously with nature. Made with holistic ingredients like soothing eucalyptus, tea plant to relax the mind, and wild mint to revitalize the spirit.  

Elegant, Refillable Dispensers 

Kiyani uses recyclable aluminum refills and glass dispensers that enhance bath décor.

Our innovative line of refillable soaps makes it easy to switch to a planet-friendly alternative to plastic. 

only the essentials, you add water

Kiyani Healing Salve harnesses Diné culture's renowned plant-based healing, with wild-harvested herbs like sagebrush, juniper, and broomweed

With dedication to our earth-friendly mission, our salve comes in a refill system, allowing you to re-use the stylish Kiyani bamboo container!