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Kiyani Botanics


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helianthus annus (sunflower seed oil) infused with: juniperus communis (juniper) gutierrezia sarothrae (broomweed), artemisia tridentata (sagebrush), cannabis sativa seed oil (hemp seed oil), squalane, tocopheryl (vitamin E) acetate


This is a refill and can be used in a any oil dispensing bottle


2.6 fl. oz.

Kiyani Face and Body Oil: Embrace the Healing Magic of Nature

Unleash the transformative power of nature with our Kiyani Face and Body Oil. Crafted from wild foraged herbs from Wide Ruins, Arizona, and rooted in the ancient practice of plant-based healing, this extraordinary oil is infused with the revered trio of juniper, sagebrush, and broomweed, known for their remarkable healing benefits in Diné culture.

Harness the Wisdom of Traditional Healing

At Kiyani, we believe in the innate wisdom of traditional healing practices. Our face and body oil is carefully formulated with wild-harvested herbs from the Navajo Nation, channeling the ancient knowledge passed down through generations. This symbiotic blend of juniper, sagebrush, and broomweed harmoniously converge to form a potent combination of components that are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal, offering comprehensive healing for your skin.

Our non-comedogenic formula ensures that your pores remain clear and unclogged, delivering deep hydration without compromising your skin's natural balance. Let the lightweight texture and fast-absorbing nature of our oil indulge your senses as it enriches your skin with the finest wild-foraged herbs.

Experience the art of ancient healing and transform your skincare routine with the Kiyani Face and Body Oil. Let nature's wisdom guide your path to radiant, healthy, and luminous skin.

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Beautiful lightweight oil

I love this oil for my body. A beautiful botanical scent and moisturizing. Will be purchasing again.